Advisory Board

AREPA Advisory Board

Mr. Michael Meyer, President, TDC Development and F&T Group

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Mr. Ian Bruce Eichner, Founder and Chairman, The Continuum Company LLC.


Ian Bruce Eichner, a seasoned developer of urban mixed-use properties, has a proven track record in real estate spanning more than three decades. His vast portfolio of projects in New York, Miami and Las Vegas include City Spire, One Broadway Place, The Manhattan Club, The Royale and Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights. Outside of New York he has developed the Continuum, a 2-tower gated condominium community in South Beach, and the Cosmopolitan, a 3,000 room resort and casino on the Las Vegas strip.

Mr. Eichner’s acute business sense has produced a series of visionary real estate developments that have been characterized by a creative mix of distinctive purpose-built properties. Each of these properties illustrates his extensive real estate expertise and ability to take situations which others may find unachievable and off-putting, and design and execute solutions which realize value for the developer. Mr. Eichner’s notable development achievements that were the first in their class include:

1. First high-rise built in Brooklyn since landmarks height legislation was passed in 1965 (Montague Street, 1998)

2. First urban timeshare in New York, with a new concept of being able to book stays one day at a time (The Manhattan Club, 1996)

3. First and only beachfront gated community in South Beach (The Continuum, 2003-2008)

4. First development on the Las Vegas strip to employ an urban development model, maximizing a small (8.5 acre) site to its full square footage potential (6 ½ million square feet).

Mr. Eichner’s career in real estate follows almost a decade in the criminal justice system, including terms as an assistant District Attorney and program development chief of a gubernational agency during Nelson Rockefeller’s tenure.


Mr. Shibber Khan, Founder & Executive Vice President , Criterion Group

Shibber Khan

Developer and Investor, Criterion Group

Criterion’s two projects currently under construction include 11-39 49th Avenue, Long Island City, and 30-77 Vernon Boulevard & 30-80 12th Street, Astoria. 14 years ago, in 2002, Shibber founded Criterion Group, under which he started his first construction project, an 8 unit building. Shibber was intimately involved with every stage of the development platform, from sweeping the site to developing architectural plans and applying for tax abatements. This experience has allowed him to master the entire process of development and construction, including working with the Department of Transportation, Department of Buildings, and acquiring financing. Each project has progressively and organically grown into the large-scale projects, at an average of 300 units per building that Criterion is embarking upon today. As one of the first developers in the area, Criterion continues to focus on primarily multifamily residential projects in Western Queens (Astoria/LIC). Criterion and its staff, all of whom call Western Queens home (most since childhood), are intimately familiar with every block of these inter-connected neighborhoods. Currently, Criterion controls 2.5 million SF of total development rights.


Young S. Woo, Founder and Principal Partner of Youngwoo & Associates

Young S. Woo is the founder and principal partner of real estate development firm Youngwoo & Associates. He started the company in 1979 after earning a degree in architecture from the Pratt Institute. His firm recently completed the sellout of the Sky Garage condominium at 200 Eleventh Avenue, a building that includes an elevator for cars. In August 2009, the firm made headlines when it bought AIG’s two office towers, 70 Pine Street and 72 Wall Street, for $150 million, with South Korea’s Kumho Investment Bank. The firm also owns farmland in Paraguay and a winery in Argentina, and has been chosen to develop Pier 57 along the Hudson River.

George Xu, CEO and Regional Center Principal of Century Development Group


Founded and headed by George Xu, Century Development Group is an integrated Real Estate Development Company. Since the late 1990’s, Mr. Xu has been involved in the developments of residential, commercial, mixed-use and hospitality projects primarily in the borough of Queens, New York.  To date, George Xu has worked on over a million square feet of real estate developments; mixed-use developments including residential, hospitality, office, and retail. The total value of his completed projects is calculated to be over $237, 000,000. The net worth of his current and developing projects is anticipated to be over $421,000,000. The total assets of his projects is over $658,000,000. The company has been playing an important role in the real estate market, particularly in Queens County, New York City.  Century Development Group’s mission is to create value for our investors, partners as well as the neighborhood and community in which it serve. It believes in Quality, Value and Integrity.